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CTRL+Z is our digital era’s super hero.This shortcut undoes the last action.

How amazing would it be if CTRL+Z would work in real life too? 

To be able to instantly fix an error or being able to go back in time to reflect and eventually maybe even accept the errors from the past.


We press this button and visit the past with the awareness of the present. We take note of the “errors” that we would like to work on. We don’t know whether or not the solutions we’re looking for are the right ones. What we do know is that if they’re wrong, we can always press the keys and go back.

CTRL+Z is a travel in time with an unknown destination.

Ready to travel with us?


Undo to redo_


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Undo to redo_

Each item in our collection is entirely made in Italy. On one hand to reduce transports costs and pollution, on the other hand to support the wonderful world of Italian craftsmanship.


Each item of our collection is made with natural materials, most of which are unsold fabrics accumulated over time in warehouses, others provided by companies that recycle or regenerate fabrics.

We have chosen not to enter new materials into an already very saturated world, and to try to make the best use out of what already exists.


For this reason our collection will be produced in limited numbers. Each piece is thought and designed specifically starting from a material of the past.